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Skip hire rules and regulations

May 21, 2014

When hiring a skip to remove rubbish from your house, flat or even garden, you may be unaware of the environmental and safety regulations surrounding skip hire that may affect you. Our aim is to highlight some of the issues regarding domestic skip hire and what risks you could put yourself and others at, if they are not adhered to.

What can't be put into a skip?

All persons renting a skip for domestic work are prohibited from putting the following items into a skip:



oil and other accelerants




medical and clinical waste

This is by no means an exhaustive list of items, but cover the main areas of waste that are considered to be a risk to public health or environment. If these items are put into your skip, either by accident or fly tipping, the skip hire company may refuse to remove the skip or charge you additionally for removing the toxic waste.

Fly tipping in skips

Fly tipping is an issue you may face whether the skip is kept on private or public land and is something that you should be vigilant about as there were 711,000 incidents of fly tipping last year, costing the UK economy